Padel training

Training aimed at those who wish to increase their knowledge and add value to their sports offer.

Our padel training

Designed for those who are already professionals in the padel sector and seek to increase their knowledge to add value to their sporting provision.

We are aware that each player has different needs, and that is our goal; to adapt and personalize our service to perform a complete project both technically and tactically.

Work with Padel Stuff and improve in the following aspects:

formacion padel

A good technique is basic to be able to progress and reach higher levels. We help you complete your repertoire with a simple methodology, whatever your level.


Padel is a racket sport in which tactics are key to winning matches. A good technique will be of little use if we do not know the best way to apply it.
In this section, we will focus on improving the reading of the game and we will give you tools to overcome the different situations that may occur during a match.


Learning to create a team with your partner is vital to be able to carry out a correct tactical plan.

Mental toughness

Also known as 'knowing how to compete'. Manage game situations, deal with the most tense moments and order all the tools acquired to get good outcomes.

Choose the one that best suits you

At Padel Stuff we offer a wide range of options so that you can specialize in the world of padel.

We have divided our offer into 4 formats, but always with our mind set on meeting your needs. Therefore, if you do not find exactly what you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact us to design a customized plan.

formacion entrenadores padel

Training for padel coaches:

If you are already a coach and what you are looking for is to continue growing with your work, come and make the most of the knowledge that Padel Stuff can transmit to you. At the end of our training, the knowledge acquired by the student is certified.

clinics padel

Training for club work teams:

If you manage a padel club or school, this section is for you. We offer the implementation of a work methodology so that all the workers of your school teach in a planned way, sharing objectives and rowing in the same direction.

academia padel bilbao

Padel academy:

At our padel academy in Bilbao we focus on providing a complete experience to players who are looking to improve their skills and knowledge. Our training addresses technical and tactical aspects of the game, so that players can develop their full potential. Our goal: to achieve consistency, variety and rhythm in your shots.

Designed for players who stand out for their level of play and are looking for high-level training. It is the ideal program for the competition in local tournaments, federative leagues and even beginnings in the professional circuits of padel.

cursos reciclaje padel

Padel updating courses:

We offer updated courses for tennis coaches looking to acquire specific knowledge of padel.

We focus on discovering the technical similarities between our sports and correcting the differences to become a player/ complete padel coach, without neglecting comprehensive training at the tactical level and teaching/training methodology.

Aimed at tennis centers planning to diversify by adding a padel academy into its business, we can train your tennis coaches to become padel coaches as well.

clinics de padel bilbao

Se profundiza en cada tema y se trabajan las bases metodológicas para la enseñanza:

Start training as a padel coach!

Whatever you are looking for, we have the ideal training for you.

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