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In this section, we invite you to dive into the fascinating world of padel and discover our approach to improving your technical and tactical skills in this exciting sport.

Here, you'll find a selection of videos that showcase our work in action. From intensive training sessions to detailed corrections, join us on this journey as we share some valuable tips, strategies, and secrets of padel with you.

Additionally, you'll also get a glimpse into our day-to-day activities with vlogs and behind-the-scenes moments that will allow you to get to know us better as a team and experience the passion we have for padel.

How our
Padel Stages are

At Padel Stuff we focus on offering a customized, complete and enriching experience for our clients, adapting each stage of the training to their needs and specific goals.

This means that our padel stages are designed to improve the technical and tactical skills of our players by providing them with complete training that will allow them to improve their game and achieve their goals in the sport.

In addition, we have a team of experienced trainers used to working in a personalized way.

Customized padel stages

At Padel Stuff we offer padel stages in Bilbao adapted to needs and group level, as well as to your preferences for the trip, whether it be prioritizing leisure or technical improvement. Don't worry about the language, it won't be a problem. We speak Spanish, French, and English.

Choose the stage that best suits your needs:


These stages are designed for those groups that come to Bilbao on vacation or tourism, but also want to improve their level.

In addition to offering padel training adapted to their level, from Padel Stuff we take care of organizing your trip so that you can enjoy a unique experience.

Padel Stuff takes care of accommodation, itinerary planning, tourist activities, culinary experiences and visits to the most interesting places in Bilbao and Bizkaia.

Full Padel

In these stages, we focus mainly on helping you improve your performance, both technical as tactics on the court.

They are designed for those players who want to dedicate more time to padel training or improve technical aspects and less time to tourism.

We customize the training sessions and the programming of activities to adapt them to the needs of each group, focusing on those aspects of the game that need to be improved.

Stage express

If you don't have time to plan a long stage with us, don't worry. We have the perfect option for you.

The time you have to dedicate to us will be enough, and we will focus on condensing everything you are looking to discover in a short space of time.

Tell us what you are looking for, the time you have available, and we will send you a proposal so that you can train with us.

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