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Welcome to our video library.

In this section, we invite you to dive into the fascinating world of padel and discover our approach to improving your technical and tactical skills in this exciting sport.

Here, you'll find a selection of videos that showcase our work in action. From intensive training sessions to detailed corrections, join us on this journey as we share some valuable tips, strategies, and secrets of padel with you.

Additionally, you'll also get a glimpse into our day-to-day activities with vlogs and behind-the-scenes moments that will allow you to get to know us better as a team and experience the passion we have for padel.

Au Cœur du Padel

Here's a sneak peek of "Au cœur du padel”.

Starting from September, we invite you to join Paul Daulan on his day-to-day journey through our YouTube channel. You will have the opportunity to get to know our team, our working methodology, and, above all, to closely follow Paul's growth as both a player and a padel coach.

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